Because I'm an Optimist

Mar 2013

I am an optimist, which means I often promise amazing things and then get smacked down by reality. I have been the only engineer at my company for the last 3 months, and the truth is it has been killing me. I’m barely keeping it together, and every morning I wake up and want to tell my boss I quit. I’m on meds for migraines, blood pressure, and anxiety now.

But everything will be okay.


Because I’m an optimist.

Even when the world smacks me down, I get back up, because I am an optimist.

Even when I underestimate tasks and overestimate my abilities, when I fail to come through and let everyone down, even when everyone has lost their hope, trust, and respect for me, I know everything will be ok, because I am an optimist.

And optimists don’t quit.

Life can put me in the worst situations, take away my health, my wealth, my friends, but my hope can only be taken away if I loose my grasp, and I have no intention of letting go.